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Regine Unruh

Taking the meaning of this picture I understand my life as a river which leads my way each moment.

Having worked in Finance and Human Resources, my path brought me after a profound deep personal experience to Craniosacral Balancing and various forms of energy work. So in the course of my work and experience a whole range of knowledge, experience and intuition has developed from which I now draw in sessions and coaching’s.

Thus arriving at Mind / Body Coaching.

People who come to me either know exactly where or on what they wish to work, or they describe in one way or another a psychic or bodily condition, or a situation in life, which they feel is keeping them from wellbeing or represents a hindrance in their development .

Each session starts like the first breath with emptiness and stillness. The system, the “Gestalt” of the client is leading me as practitioner into the space either in body, psyche or mind where something wants to be released. Every manifestation and expression of life is welcome.

I understand my work as holistic guide and witness where clients feel comfortable to remember their own resources and strength and connect to their own inner capacities. The common focus is to strengthen our own inherent health and natural state of balance.

Not all patterns that present themselves as obstacles are individual only but come from mass consciousness of which each one of us is a part.

When circumstances require or present themselves I also accompany people in their “last phase” in the body. Especially when facing death the need to finish this life in peace with themselves arises and the search for energy and comfort on their last journey.

The freedom in which I can work with clients for their benefit leads me to surprising experiences and dimensions. So my work has lead me to work months at a time in Germany, Norway and Scotland. Please inquire per e-mail as to my schedules.

My holistic approach in sessions and coaching is based on trainings and their respective updates and I combine according to the needs of clients from:

Craniosacral Balancing®, Craniosacral for babies, 2 Point Quantum Healing, Aura Soma, Facial Harmony, Methamorphic Technique, Reflexology, Energy work with Rosalyn L. Bryiere. The work with Byron Katie, Trauma Solution with Peter Levin, Breath Work, Somatic Experience, Space Clearing with Karen Kingston, Continuum Movement, Voice Work Roy Hart, Non-violent Communication (Marshal Rosenberg), White Crane Silat and Vipassana Meditation. 

For German speaking !visitors please refer also to www.menschen-befluegeln.de