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Health Information

Februar 2008

I came across MMS by chance and I would like to share this information with you. It might be vital for you or a loved one. What is MMS? Jim Humble, who discovered it by chance some 10 years ago, calls it “Miracle Mineral Supplement”. It offsets all unhealthy conditions (symptoms) that are related to bacteria, viruses, parasites, moulds, yeast and other dangerous pathogens to the metabolism. The same happens with infections, blood disease and poisons.

Because MMS is a mineral, patenting is not necessary. It has already been used widely in other areas. You can prepare it in your own kitchen, thus it is also cheap.

Due to structures within our society concerning money(-power) and the medical establishment’s interest in only treating symptoms, Jim Humble was not very successful in these past 10 years with his discovery (especially when you think of the million of human being that suffer e.g. from Malaria). Finally he decided to write a book and make it known to the public though other means.

If MMS is of interest to you, you can find all information on www.miraclemineral.org.
The first part of Jim Humble’s book is even free of charge. At the time I found this information Humble’s website, www.jimhumble.org, was active. At the moment it is inactive, but that may change again.
Taken orally as recommended MMS helps the immune system to neutralise acidic material that is poisonous to the body. Stabilised oxygen from sodium chlorite taken in homeopathic doses has a better effect on the immune system than any other medication or food supplement. It simply neutralises any anaerobe micro-organism and washes it out of the system.

The basic idea behind MMS is that by enabling the body to perform its natural regulating mechanism, without having to deal with heavy poisons from food, medication, or drugs, the body will stay in balance. Drugs usually only treat symptoms and hinder / obstruct the inert capacity of the body to return to its natural state of health.

One aspect that can be experienced as a disadvantage is that MMS is not a pill which can be taken “just like that”. Preparing the supplement is a conscious act. According to your own personal condition you have to prepare it with only a few drops, then activate it with lemon juice or citric acid solution, wait for at least 3 minutes and fill it up with water or juice. Training is necessary or at least it has to be done in a self responsible way. 
Maybe one day there will even be extensive scientific research done on how this mineral works on the immune system.

I’m testing the supplement myself. I used to have cravings for “sweets”. My guess was that this was caused by some kind of yeast infection? I did not take the standard protocol, but tested every day. Thus I began with 1 drop instead of 2 and did not add 1 each day. After two weeks I have now arrived at 7 drops. The craving was gone on the 2nd day. Now I’m experiencing – the natural – detoxification symptoms, which make me feel weak and great at the same time.

In case you would like to get in touch with me, you can do so through e-mail:
info@regine-unruh.de.  More info also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeZsY7iMiqc

If you find this information useful please pass it on to family, friends and colleges.